whatsapp new updates dark mode and fingerprint scan – 2019

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New whatsapp features is coming to your phone in 2019 including ‘DARK MODE’ and ‘FINGERPRINT SCANNER’

whatsapp has a few surprises in the store for its 1.5billion users in 2019 with a raft of  new features

Rumoundered for release throughout the year, the updates includes ramped up security and a new tool that helps you read messages at night

Here are the three features we can expect to see in this year

  • Dark mode

The worlds most popular messaging service is long overdue a dark mode, which switches the way the app looks to make it less taxing on your eyes.

While we normally look at dark text on white backgrounds, a dark mode would switch this so your screen shows white text on a dark background.

This is better for our eyesight, particularly at night when looking for too long at a bright screen can gradually damages your vision.

Several apps already offers a dark mode, including google maps , twitter and ibooks, and whatsapp has been developing its own versions for months.

In September, tech site WABetainfo found that whatsapp has hidden secret details about Dark mode inside its code

It is  unclear when it will be released to the wider user base, but our money is on a 2019 launch

  • Better voice messaging

If you’re feeling a little lazy, Whatsapp lets you send audio clips to your mates instead of typing

And if you’re even been sent more than one clips in a row , you’ll know how annoying it is having to hit the play button on each one hear it.

Whatsapp is reportedly bringing in a features that would automatically play these messages one after the  other, to make listening easier.

WABetainfo spotted the code for that features within an app beta in November and its expected to launch for Ios and Android later this year

  • Fingerprint scan security

Whatsapp already boasts top of the range security, with end-to-end encryption meaning only the chatting users can access their messages

But it may gget even better this year, as rumours suggest Whatsapp is adding fingerprint scan security

If activated, the app will ask for your fingerprint every time you open it – ensuring snoopers can’t access your messages



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