apple launch new i phone 8 plus reviews ihone 8 plus All features Details

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apple launch new i phone 8 plus reviews iphone 8 plus features

If you are planning to buy an iPhone, this year, the company launch device can see the iPhone 8 Plus. Apple iPhone 8 Plus is equipped with many special features. But before that it is important to know how much of this device is in use, how much better it will be for you. You can get help from our review for this. The iPhone 8 Plus was meant to be used for us for a few days and during this time we could see the experience as a review.

When iPhone 8 Plus came to us, we got an opportunity to know more about its features. We have already reviewed the iPhone 8, and with every new iPhone, it is faster and better than ever but in the big plan of things, you ask the reason behind its existence. Apple has made all his efforts in the iPhone X, and it is surprising that the expectations are inconveniently high. Between iPhone 8 and iPhone X through the iPhone 8 Plus fits comfortably.
Bigger and better but …

iPhone 8 Plus is only a bigger version of the iPhone 8. Although it may not be as different as the iPhone X, which is similar to the design of the iPhone 8 design. But I tell you that the whole design is new and attractive. Bezal may be a little disturbing, and it is difficult to catch and operate the whole body of the phone with one hand. Every day I do traffic every day on the train, and despite using this device for the last few weeks, I still do not believe that whip the phone to check every notification. In fact, I had to use an extra case for some extra grip and the peace of mind

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Shomi MI Mix 2 or even the choice of Apple’s own iPhone X have set some high standards on how to see the smartphone. The iPhone 8 Plus is undoubtedly far below that capability.

Apple has given some upgrades in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Like TrueTone display, which is taken from iPad Pro. In addition, it has been used in A11 bionic chipset and its GPU. While the use of video, gaming and new ARKit apps in this device can be quite easy.

But the small version of the iPhone 8 Plus camera is missing. When you see what is capable of setting up a dual camera, you can not help yourself in asking – Why is there even in the iPhone 8? iPhone 8 Plus When I was in my hand, I was shooting photos everywhere in all places and in different lighting conditions. Though the setup will get much more from last year’s iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has said that it has made many changes under the hood. and it shows.

In the case of ideal lighting, the iPhone 8 Plus is capable of shooting photos, which is usually also possible. Apple mentions that under the change the camera works well in low light. Some of the pictures I clicked were impressed by me, who was clicked in the dark If you plan to shoot photos with a moving car, then focusing on topics is very fast when you are ready to focus on the result.

Camera display

Here’s the Apple iPhone 8 Plus camera, so here we can see that the iPhone 8 Plus is clearly more capable than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Apple’s smartphone was not only able to click on more detailed pictures, but they were looking even more natural than Samsung’s live image

Apple iPhone 8 Plus has a dual camera and portrait mode in USP. The images you can click with the smartphone are not beyond the choice of Galaxy Note 8, but these photos can also be managed with the iPhone 8 Plus.

With the iPhone 8 Plus, this theme can be within 8 feet, and the camera works better than ever, where it has come to know that the background is so blurry behind them. Images in less light are better than ever.

With the iPhone 8 Plus (and iPhone X), Apple has introduced it as ‘Portrait Lighting’ as we have expanded earlier, this feature lets you play with a light effect in an image. There are four presets to choose from Studio Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, and Stage Light Mono. This feature is currently in Beta. In a while, they are fun to try once, but you will end up using the original picture mode. As we have seen before, until this feature comes out of beta, it is likely to be better than this


Fast charging?

There is a big disappointment fast charging support in Apple iPhone 8 Plus. Although there is no doubt that many of us have been waiting for a long time, there is no fast charger bundle with this device. Rather than have to spend extra for a fast charger. At 70,000 daily payment time for the device, at least you can expect to provide consistent goods in a box from a company.

The second new feature is wireless charging support, the iPhone 8 Plus is a major reason for purchase, with the convenience of the glass back. Apple is using its airplane matte which can charge the iPhone, watch and airports at the same time. But sometime before the sale, you might be purchasing a bunch of third-party wireless chargers. It can be said that during my use, the iPhone 8 Plus charging is very slow. It takes two hours to fully charge for the iPhone 8 Plus. In today’s time, when every other company is working fast, it is disappointing to watch the iPhone 8 Plus two hours later.


iPhone 8 Plus is an Apple device that you are expecting almost everything. With the large display in the phone, the TrueTone feature is quite spectacular and extremely fast. Its battery is capable of working more than a day (even if it is a difficult process to charge).

The design is quite attractive and the lack of sharp charger is a small problem, but none is denying the iPhone 8 Plus is one of the best smartphones. As long as the iPhone X is not in the market. But, do you really want to buy an iPhone 8 Plus? So the dual camera setup in today’s smartphone is best, and if you are an accidental photographer, you will not miss your DSLR. There are two types of Apple iPhone 8 Plus Indian Market, which cost 64 GB version. 73,000 RE and 256 GB version worth 86,000 rupees.

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