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How to create a app in 10 minutes-2019

Written by orjaneweb

How to create a app in 10 minutes-2019


Hello guys , here i am going to teach you how to create a app in only 10 minutes , and you can create app without doing any codeing



  • First you have to go to a website that is  https://www.appsgeyser.com/ 
  • open that website an on the above right side you will see create app button as shown below

STEP : 2

  • After clicking the create app button the next page will appears
  • then in this page you have to select what type of app your going to create
  • in the screen you will see many examples of app you have to select any of the app
  • for example i am selecting the messenger app

STEP : 3

  • After clicking the messenger you will see a page in that page you have to click next
  • after that  choose the colour of your app
  • then to put the background image of your app
  • then  put what they are asking and click next button
  • then put your app name and put description of your app
  • then put your app icon and click next
  • then you will see a page like this click CREATE button


STEP : 4

  • After clicking create button
  • sing up to this website you can use gmail or facebook to sign up this page
  • then the website will redirect to the website dashboard
  • in that dashboard you will see save my app button in the centre
  • then click download button on the top right of the page and your app will be ready
  • then click download icon and APP will be downloaded in your MOBILE PHONE


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