How computers process information That We Easily Call Reality


How computers process information That We Easily Call Reality

Although there is a good philosophy to wonder about yourself in this universe, how do we fit with plans and how to improve or even improve, if all this was true?

Given the natural desire of a pocket, knowledge, and improvement of the entire universe, this desire becomes the universe itself. Throughout history, humans have created their own simulations for one purpose or another, and essentially we are moving collectively towards that special place where we are able to produce the right simulation. It will prove to be scientifically once and for all that ‘we’ are inside other simulations and likewise, one of the many Russian dolls.

Maybe we are in the beginning.

We already take the power output of programming in highly research possibilities. We call this data, then we understand the ways to get ahead without any end. Can this capacity be used to create new research for scientific research, entertainment for gaming, further research, counterfeit intelligence, war, construction …

Simulations that we create other living creatures, a whole new light shines on complex behavioral systems such as directional systems for bees and ants and other minute behaviors which we have not even started exploring. All this and right through the behavior of galaxies and universal people.

We are developing the idea of making pure human decisions in these computer programs. Human cognition and logic, together with machines and transport. By simultaneously removing the error outside the simulation test developed by us, we will protect the safety of this practice, which is produced from the first simulation.

The ability to create automatons with our artificial intelligence, but not with consciousness. Ironically, more advanced experiments in quantum computing simulations will also take us closer to the whole mapping of our brains.

The vast number of these simulations can start taking their own full new consciousness and possibly we can completely eliminate them from the loop. Actually, there are millions of other intelligent life systems which are far more advanced than actual possibilities like us that these creatures have already reached this point or have already advanced. Then what?

The average law adds greater weight to this nature every day, science fiction takes science fiction and draws our ‘what will’ scenarios so fast to new heights. Human effort to stay firm in this direction is more than religious fear of futurism because the humanistic ethics is much more than the desire for ignorance.

Clues are right in front of us. Fixed fine-tuning of quantum physics of life around us, mathematics in engineering. Numbers that catch the universe together, the numbers that hold our body together, we are concerned with these same numbers, on this human journey of constant knowledge, one day has the power to emulate the universe. Numbers and constituents in nature, however, how long they are, the calling card leads to the intelligent design of the universe

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