Do recover deleted google calendar And Backing Up?

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It’s easy to back up your Google Calendar but unfortunately, it’s not so easy to restore it. If you have faced the challenges with this process, then the instructions of this article will help.

The main issue is that Google Calendar refuses to import deleted events. You will receive the message: “Failed to import event: Some events from this file were not imported because you import them before in Google Calendar. Other events have been imported into this file.”

The instructions given here are a way of getting around those issues that arise that with the total loss of data or restoring partial losses.

How to back up Google Calendar

Log in to your Google Calendar
Click Settings under My Calendars
Click Export Calendar
Save the file to a safe location, wherever you usually store your computer backup

How to restore your Google Calendar

Unpacking backup file


First of all, you need to note this tip because it is necessary for complete restoration or partial restoration.

Google Calendar is helpful when you back up your calendar. To save space it automatically zips for you. However, you can not import zip files in Google Calendar again. If you try, you will get the following error:

“Processing zero incidents … unable to process your Icicle / CSV file ..”

Instead, go to the zip file and find the xxx.ics file. Remove this file in your file system. The Xxx.ics file can be imported into Google Calendar.

Restoring from total loss of calendar data

If you have a total loss of calendar data, then your best option is to create a new calendar and use it in the future. This will allow you to import all your calendar data from your backup file.

Click Settings under My Calendars.
Click Create New Calendar.
Name it and click Create Calendar. Now it will appear in the list.
Click Settings.
Click on the calendar import.
Browse on your .ics file. Essential! Make sure that you select your .ics file – not file
Select your new calendar and click Import. Your backup file has been imported.
Click Close.
Your new calendar now has all the appointments from your backup file. You can remove the old

Restoring partial loss of calendar data

If you’ve lost only parts of your data, then you can restore your data to the new calendar and then copy the placements into your primary calendar. First, follow the steps above to create a new calendar and import a full backup.

Under my calendar, make sure that both are chosen. The entries in your primary calendar will be a color and your new calendar will be one, so if there is an entry in the new color, then it has been removed from your primary calendar.

Click on the appointment to restore the appointment.
Then click again
Choose actions and copies on primary
Click Save and your appointment have been restored.
Repeat for any other appointments you want to restore.
Alternatively, you can delete the new calendar when finished


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